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Uncover the hidden issues that stop people from achieving victory over self-sabotaging behavior while helping them rewire their brains for greater joy, peace, and success. 

Dr. Virginia Johnson

Dr. Johnson is a Licensed Neuropsychologist and Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Practitioner, who has been diagnosing and treating cognitive related disorders since 2008. She incorporates principles of faith and neuroscience into the understanding of the human mind and it’s functions. She has a knack for empowering and equipping individuals with tools and resources to rewire their brain for greater joy, peace and success. Her professional journey has been the inspiration, for eBook, The Trauma Surthrival Kit: Emotional First Aid Revolutionized. She takes a whole person approach (Mind, Body and Spirit) to assessment and treatment recommendations which has been shown to improve functioning and reduce distress amongst the individuals that she served. From individuals in a level one trauma center to a maximum-security prison.
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Last year Dr. Johnson made a commitment. The commitment to pursue each day with Passion, Purpose and Partnership with God. Although she enjoyed direct patient care, she knew God was calling her to disrupt the tech and digital health care space. More recently, she has been described as a rising Digital Health Maven. She is the Co-Founder and Chief Servant Officer for Christian Therapist On Demand Inc., an online teletherapy platform connecting therapists to clients who wish to incorporate their faith into their counseling experience, all sessions take place on their platform using a smart device. She also founded Wholelistic Brain, LLC a Brain Fitness online cognitive and whole person assessment, found both online and in the app stores. In addition to the Wholelistic Brain cognitive and whole person assessment, she is the creator of Brain Fitness Workouts, a series of cognitive brain training exercises, also found in the app stores. Each day, Dr. Johnson is learning to dust off the disappointments of yesterday – trusting that God is working all things for her ultimate good. God is changing circumstances, bringing about unexpected events that produce unimagined benefit. God is orchestrating relationships and situations that will take her further, faster, so that God’s Word goes forth with greater power and more impact. God is the creator of ALL things, God has given leaves for medicine (herbs). Dr. Johnson’s newest hobby is medicine making, giving the creator thanks for His creation, formulating tinctures, teas and herbal remedies for friends and family.

“The Trauma Sur-Thrival Kit was incredibly in-depth and interesting. It’s astounding to read and learn just how much past trauma actually affects the brain, as well as the brain’s role in how we respond to something that our brain may perceive as a threat. I also loved the Emotional First Aid Kit that was included in the book as well and will be using that in the future. I would definitely recommend this book.”


“While many thought that religion and modern science are against each other, this author of the book gives us a different perspective about how spiritual support can enhance the benefits of modern medical science. In this book, readers can get modern neurology knowledge and understand the power of faith can be equally powerful for one’s mental health. The touch of the care herb medleys in the appendix just made this book even more lovely.
And, I didn’t even mention about how you perfectly put where the cliffhangers are! LOL.”


“Psychological Code Blue, loved the incorporation of brain science and faith. The practical tools, brain science, biblical healing and the herbal recipes are unmatched, Dr. Johnson is in a league of her own.  I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.”

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